Most Comfortable Underwear for Women –  A Complete Buying Guide [2021]

Most Comfortable Underwear for Women – A Complete Buying Guide [2021]

Posted by Tamanjot Baidwan on Oct 2nd 2021

We all want to feel sensual with amazing comfort in body while wearing our favorite underwear, isn’t it? Imagine wearing body-hugging underwear and to top it all, without any matching pair of bikinis? Or wearing tight panties leading to bulges? Awkward!! We all have been there…

Shopping for underwear requires you to pay detailed and good attention while buying them, especially for a pair of panties. Also, wearing the right fit and style will make you feel as if you are at the top of the world whole day. Well, pretty sure here, you are nodding your head in agreement.

While it is very essential for women to take note of their body fittings or structure type when buying undergarments, yet most of us, tend to pay no heed to it. This, later then, usually makes our mood frustrated all day long when we are wearing the same uncomfortable piece of innerwear that doesn’t feel and fit nice on our body, right!

So, if you buy yourself a comfortable underwear, that feels like your own skin, you would be in for a treat!!! Believe it or not… As it is not just a piece of garment that you are wearing, it is much more than that, as it can make or break your day at work or any gathering and you should feel yourself in it, at all times.

Now, this is why under the categories of women’s underwear, there are plenty of things that you should consider. Not considering minor details of the underwear buying ideas will ruin your overall look, day, and mood. Paying equal attention as much as you would do to your wardrobe, would make you feel amazing not just from the outside for the world to see but inside too!

And, in this guide, you will know everything, all the points, that you should know and need to checkmark on the list, for your next shopping-day-out for undergarments.

Whether it is about different sorts of panties, their brands, fabrics, essential buying tips, or any other general hygiene strategies, you need to consider everything to achieve the perfect feel.

Buying Guide Checklist – You need to keep in mind:

Lingerie can be hard to choose. But let’s make this daunting task simple for you. And how? By following some of the essential points, you can make it just like one of your other everyday affairs.

Now, you are also thinking, haven’t I been doing this for a very long time, but if you are reading this, there is definitely something that you want to know or maybe you are doing it right the first time around, but just want to be sure.

And the foremost in this would be the fabric, and so firstly, you need to navigate through them to find the comfort and/or style you have been looking for or maybe not (no pun intended), for long…. So, let’s have a look at it and other main aspects –

Choose your fabric intelligently

What occasion are you planning to buy lingerie for? Casual wear or some special event or a date night, you need to pick the fabric accordingly!! For example, you can opt for the cotton-based material if you are worried about your hygiene level as it is easy to clean and absorbs well too. While for a date night, go for lace or silk or satin. There are variety of fabrics available, some of them are –


When it comes to fancy lingerie then lace is the best possible option. It is lightweight and sometimes can be transparent & seamless too. And well, if you are someone who would want to prioritize the appeal over other things, then this should definitely be your go-to fabric and would make a suitable choice. One thing you should keep in mind, is the quality of lace material used while opting for this fabric as it can be itchy and cause you discomfort if the quality is poor.


A durable, easy to care and wash and so many other benefits have made nylon a go-to-choice, from decades, especially for lingerie. It also has stain resistance, making it a great partner during period days, but just to make you an informed buyer, do remember, it’s not very absorbent.


If you prioritize breathability over everything, cotton is your friend. This is the most desirable & breathable fabric to consider for your panties and makes an apt choice for your daily routine. You must have noticed that is why all your briefs are normally made up of pure cotton material. It is the best when you need one for workouts, summer, and day to day usage. Looking for a summer buddy - here is cotton!


Smooth, luxury, as well as soft with luminous sheen – makes Satin an excellent option for your lounge wear. If you want to pamper yourself then this is the most amazing option, you can pick. The weave is named Satin and it can be made from different varieties of fibers like silk, polyester, or other synthetic materials, or with either of these blended with elastane. Being lightweight, opaque, and a luscious soft feel, Satin is an amazing textile to wear. Pick one of these on your next shopping spree and let us know how you felt.


With anti-fungal and hypoallergenic properties along with it being glamourous and fanciful, silk panties and underwear is a smart pick and especially if you have a sensitive skin. Being a natural fiber, like cotton, silk gives your skin room to breathe and lets air to circulate. Doesn’t it make a great practical choice, you have to agree.


Thinking what to wear on your next beach vacation, pick Jersey knit fabric. It is a blend of nylon & polyester and usually contains waterproofing material, making it an ideal choice when under water. Although it can be less sturdy on its own but is used in combination with other lining fabrics.

Pick the correct size for optimal fit

Like when buying dresses or blouses, you try on before the purchase. Try doing the same next time for lingerie too. If buying online, read customer reviews, FAQ’s, and size charts thoroughly. Why? Because each brand has it’s own way of measurement and depending on their size quotients, their S may not be your regular S, thus, you need to have the full knowledge around it.

Invest a little in your lingerie

Never feel hesitant to spend more bucks on the quality aspect of your undergarments as it will give you the confidence you need to carry off any look with grace. Often times, we spend more on the apparels and innerwear takes a sideline, while the fit of the denims or the dress depends a lot on it. Now that is why we love a premium quality underwear, even if it means putting up a little extra for it.

Consider the design and model of the underwear

A very important often overlooked criterion is the design and model. The cut of the underwear needs to suit not just your body figure but also your personality and should be one that helps you accentuate them. Correct? But if you are still wondering on this, then think like this that there are multiple body shapes that exist and different cuts or models of underwear, so picking the one suits you, would make the ideal one, right!!

There are a variety of models of underwear in the market, that you can select from. Let’s talk about them below…

A French Cut

Although it’s a little distinctive than the briefs, French cut underwear can give you the same sort of coverage as them. The silhouette sits perfectly on the bellybutton, does not sag the butt, and provides a better coverage and support than a thong. They make a great fit below your high-waisted pants.

Bikini Panties

As the name suggests, bikini panties are the most outstanding underwear option to consider when looking for something fancy and easy-to wear at the same time, especially when lying under the sun. Comes in flowing, soft fabrics, they provide medium coverage and can be said to be a mixture of regular briefs & thongs with endless options. They feature low-rise fitting and have a bit of butt coverage. Oh! Wait there is more, they leave no granny panty lines, making a great option for wearing under gym tights or pretty much everything.


When talking about unconventional and practical panties at the same time then thongs will pop up. It is one of the most featured and highly sought-after underwear especially if you want to flaunt your curves. Just like your regular panties, thongs are having a waistband but with a narrow string attached to it which directly runs from front to rear. The rear end of these undies contains a slim strip that delivers minimum coverage thus making it a very sexy fitting option to consider, when you are wearing form-fitting clothes. But one word of caution, wearing a size that doesn’t fit you well or the material is not soft to skin, then it can be a very uncomfortable experience.


In case you are aware of thongs then G-string will not be unfamiliar to you. But in case you are then know that it is the fanciest version of thongs with no waistband. It is T-shaped underwear at the front with no rear coverage, has very thin strings attached to sit on the waist. When at the beach or you want to look hot for the date, this should be your choice.


It is a mixture of boy-short & bikini briefs, with waistband around the hips that can easily fit on the lower body.As compared to other different underwear types, it is body-hugging underwear and delivers you optimum coverage with a slight bikini like leg-holes to help you move freely. This makes it a convenient choice for wearing daily under low rise pants.

Boy Shorts

Taken from the wardrobe of men, the boy short underwear features qualities of a feminine version of boxers. Mainly rectangular in shape, boy shorts provide you better booty coverage sitting little below than your hips, unlike any regular panties. Wear it on a warm night with an oversized T-shirt or on a windy day, boy leg has covered you, literally.


When you say women’s underwear then briefs are something that provide you with standardized fitting options and comfortable to wear. You can get briefs in different styles like high rise or high leg hole and have been worn by women since ages. And sometimes are called granny panties. But this timeless style, is what you should go for, if you are searching for comfort and coverage.

Now, we think you should be confident while picking your underwear and be assured that it is just what you and your body wants. Let us know in the comments below, if there are any questions, we would love to answer or maybe write another article on your query. So happy commenting! And well; You can also find the perfect fit, size, and model, in our underwear collection, you never know, you may end up loving it! Try!!!