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How to measure your bra size, plus a chart and calculator

If you’re reading this, you probably know as well as any other woman that finding your bra size isn’t as clear-cut as you once thought. Your bra size has likely changed throughout your life, which can happen for a number of life events.

Helping other women learn how to measure bra size in part of what got us here. By learning the different shapes, sizes, and measurements of millions of women, we created bras with unmatched comfort and support and put that community data to use for women everywhere to find bras in their right size – no fitting rooms or sifting through store racks required.


How to measure bra size in 3 steps

There’s much more to measuring your bra size than just grabbing a measuring tape and marking down a band size (if only it were that simple!). In the next three steps, we’ll go into measuring your band size, then your bust size and lastly, your cup size.

Determining the correct – and most current – measurements for your band, bust, and cup will make it SO much easier for you to find bras that fit right, and fit you, no matter where you get your bras. Plus, with those measurements, you’ll finally get confirmation to toss out or donate those bras in your drawer that you’ve been keeping just to keep.

Step 1: Find your band size

Make sure to wear a lightly-lined or unpadded bra before measuring your band size. Take out a measuring tape and wrap it snugly across your back, keeping it parallel to the ground, and measure directly under your bust. Round down to the nearest even number and not your band size.

Step 2: Measure your bust size

Keep the measuring tape around your back at band level and measure across the fullest part of your chest, making sure to hold the measuring tape snugly against you and parallel to the ground. Take a few deep breaths to let the tape rest on its most comfortable position (but not too loose!). If it falls on the half-inch, just round up. That’s your bust size!

Step 3: Determine your cup size

Determining cup size is where things get tricky because cup sizes can vary depending on the maker. The most common way to calculate your cup size is by subtracting your band size from your bust size and using the difference to find your cup size according to a bra size chart.


Bust - Band = Cup Size


Difference (In inches) Your Cup Size
1" A Cup
2" B Cup
3" C Cup
4" D Cup
5" DD Cup
6" DDD Cup


Don't Forget Your Jeans!

How to measure your jeans

Wearing only your lullipop underwear standing with your feet together, use a body tape measure to determine your measurements. It’s important to check the size chart on each collection you are considering, as sizes and measurements can vary.


Measure around your waist, at the narrowest point.


Stand with heels together and measure around the fullest point of your hips.


Measure around your thigh, approximately one inch below the crotch.


Grab your favourite pants.. *Cough Cough* before your lullipop jeans, lay them flat and measure from the top inseam to the hem. This will be your numerical inseam

Bombs Skinny Jeans

Size Jean Size Waist (IN) Hip (IN)
00 24 25.25 34
0 25 26.25 35
2 26 27.25 36
4 27 28.25 37
6 28 29.25 38
8 29 30.25 39
10 30 31.25 40
12 31 32.75 41.5
14 32 34.25 43
16 33 35.75 44.5
18 34 37.75 46.5
20 35 39.75 48.5
22 36 42.75 50.5



Height Numeric Inseam Alpha Inseam
5'1" or Shorter 28
5'2"-5'3" 30 S
5'4"-5'7" 32 M
5'4" or Taller 34 L


Lullipop Tip!!

If you do not have a measuring tape, use a piece of string and hold it alongside a ruler. See.. we are here to help 😊