Is your closet ready to store our Lullipop lingerie?

Posted by George DST on Oct 24th 2022

You would’ve thought having a small pair of lingerie would not have caused a mess in your closet, but it will be once everything gets all tangled up. So how do we organize our closet? Should we have a system?

Here at Lullipop, we think so too! Our lingerie should be treated with care. According to Elisabeth Dale, a breast and bra expert: we can organize our lingerie closet space by following the 4 S’s:

1. Secure: Hook up any loose hardware to avoid damaging delicate fabrics.

2. Separate: Divide up your most from least used so you can find what you need for everyday wear.

3. Sort: You can fold lacy and soft cup bras in half, with straps tucked inside. T-Shirt, molded, and padded cups must be “stacked” or hung. Otherwise, dents and bends damage them.

4. Scent: Tie a few lavender sachets to your hanger or stash some yummy smelling soap in your lingerie drawer.

With that system, hope we can lengthen the life of our lingerie.