Lullipop & Co.: Is it a luxury lingerie worth purchasing?

Posted by George DST on Oct 19th 2022

Founded in 2016 by a Navy veteran based in North Carolina, Lullipop & Co. was created to accommodate the basic and comfort need of women in all sizes clearly not compromising how it looks too! From its pastel colors to a triangle inspired design- Lullipop is sure set on to get that comfortable experience.

“Lullipop has this unique set initially offered in our website, but we are looking into showcasing our new set of designs that will cater not just these glamorous sets but these comfortable underwear that makes you want to show it off!” says Dianne, Vice President of Lullipop & Co.

Aside from creating this brand for the comfort of women, Lullipop also aims to be sustainable and environment conscious. They use organic cotton: which is an environmentally sound alternative to conventional cotton and recycled dyes to reduce chemicals and wastewater. The feeling you get knowing that chemicals are not touching your skin and is safe for the environment is such a green flag for Lullipop!

You can find them in IG @lullipopco and add to cart their chic underwear only at